What happens after the clearance

Where do the cleared items end up?

When we clear your property, we sort the items into different groups to be taken away.  Resalable items are sent off to auction, items valued less than £50 go to charity and the remaining items are sent to be recycled if appropriate.  With our experience in the building industry we aim to give items a new lease of life if possible.

We carefully and discreetly dispose of any sensitive items not wished to be returned to you and you have approved for removal.

As mentioned, we will reduce your bill for every item with an estimated auction value of £50 or more.  It is less hassle than taking them to an auction yourself as you will not have to pay the commission charges and as you are already been credited to you won’t risk a loss.

If an item doesn’t reach the auction entry level, we will include it with the items destined for charity shops. 

Even with a careful owner, some items from a clearance that can’t be resold at auction or charity.  These items are taken to a local recycling facility, where as much as possible is saved from landfill.

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